Monoclonal Antibody Development:

ANTIGENIX AMERICA will develop mouse monoclonal antibodies to customer-supplied immunogen. Three (3) different clones are developed, with minimum 5.0 mL ascites fluid supplied from each distinct clone.

Procedure includes immunization with customer supplied peptide or immunogen, fusion with mouse SPO/2 myeloma, cloning, screening, and isolation of three (3) clones. Production of ascites fluid included. Further purification of antibodies and labeling is also available. Production time approximately 4 months.

Polyclonal Antibody Development:

ANTIGENIX AMERICA will develop Rabbit polyclonal antiserum to customer-supplied immunogen. Approximately 40 mL of antiserum is produced. Larger quantities available depending on customer requirements. Production time approximately ten weeks. Further purification and labeling of antibody is also available.

Hybridoma Scale-up & Antibody Production / Purification:

ANTIGENIX AMERICA will produce monoclonal antibody from customer-supplied hybridoma. Serum-free production also available. Further purification and labeling of antibody also available.

Plate Coating:

ANTIGENIX AMERICA will custom-coat microplates with antibody, antigen, or other customer-supplied protein. ANTIGENIX AMERICA uses a proprietary plate coating stabilizer that enhances activity and shelf life of coated protein.

Protein Conjugation Service:

ANTIGENIX AMERICA provides full selection of antibody and protein conjugation services, including labeling with flourochromes (FITC, R-PE) , enzymes (HRP, Alk.Phos), Biotin, and other labels.

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